When it comes to give your family the best we always think on berries!


Kids know it! They always choose the most delicious and glossy strawberries. La Condesa is a family run company, specialized in the production of the most tasteful and beautiful berries. Come in! get to know us!

Only the best strawberry varieties can make you happy! Let us grow and deliver for you our whole range of berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. All grown in Huelva, Spain, our berries travel all around Europe to make families happy!

Berries make us smile!


Berries are good for our health. Doesn´t matter if you are a kid or a grandparent. They always provide a bunch of vitamins and antioxidants. But above that they are tasty and delicious. They bring happiness home. They are bright and beautiful, we enjoy them, they bring family together.

By some reason berries, and specially strawberries, are bonded to love and affection. Maybe their shape, their colour or their sweet taste. Every time we pick them at the fields or at the retail store, we immediately think in those we care for, in those we love the most. Let’s share a bit of this shiny and beautiful fruit!

We keep on growing, our team grows. We are a family committed to the production of berries


La Condesa has taken a new step ahead. 2024 comes full of new challenges and goals. We have selected the best berries varieties to grow and provide top quality fruit. New professionals have joined our team, motivated and prepared to produce, pack and deliver tasty and healthy berries.

We continue to work hand to hand with our commercial partners abroad, we believe on strong collaboration, on trust and commitment. Each season is different and success is a goal to achieve in tight cooperation within our team and with our strategic partners in different destinations.


Come join La Condesa, we will be pleased to receive you in our facilities. We will be glad to show you our berry fields.

Come join our team of professionals, collaborators, suppliers and commercial partners.